Our audience of brides-to-be comes to mywedding.com for inspiration, planning tools and resources. We accompany her through every step of her journey and pride ourselves in exposing her to brands that she will remain loyal to for a lifetime. From targeted display and high-impact units to custom sweepstakes and email marketing integrations, our comprehensive suite of digital advertising offers the perfect solution for brands looking to reach high value, influential women.


Our content provides couples with trend-related inspiration, timeless planning advice and real wedding content from all over the world.

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The mywedding editorial team will develop original content on mutually agreed upon topics. Our editors will collaborate with you on the final topics (and titles) to ensure they align perfectly with your objectives and are must-reads for our users.

Content Contribution

Want to go beyond a single piece? Contribute regularly to the content on mywedding.com, effectively positioning your brand as the go-to source in your area of expertise.


Standard Sizes: 300×250, 728×90, 160×600


Large Sizes: 300×600, 960×250, 705×220


Mobile: 320×50

High-Impact Custom Units: Header Pushdowns, Intersitials


Ad Network


Dedicated Advertiser Email

A dedicated advertiser email allows you to custom message directly into the inboxes of over 260K+ combined active opt-in registrants

• International, national and locally-targeted sends available
• Full takeover with subtle mywedding branding to endorse your brand


Sent 3x per week to our entire bridal database, our e-newsletters perfectly blend editorial content with advertisements, featuring our most popular articles from our blog alongside our couples’ favorite brands.

Limited inventory:
• 1 native ad unit (730 x 190)
• 2 banners available (728 x 90 and 300 x 250)
• Takeovers available

Nurture Email Sponsorship

Sponsorship banner accompanied by important messaging from mywedding.

• Email content designed to help users get started, targeted at a newly engaged couple.

Weekly Wedding Planner Series

This email series allows your brand to accompany the couple throughout their planning process, staying top-of-mind in every stage from engagement to wedding day.

• Emails timed and targeted based on wedding date of each couple
• Top “to-dos” featured in every mailing with accompanying advertising
Limited inventory:
• 1 native ad unit (730 x 190)
• 2 banners available (728 x 90 and 300 x 250)
• Takeovers available


Welcome Email

Sponsorship banner accompanied by first message form mywedding.
• Highest open rate of all sends
• Email content designed to help users get started, targeted at a newly engaged couple.

Anniversary Email

This series is sent to couples prior to their one year anniversary and is perfect for engaging with couples beyond their wedding date.

Limited inventory:
• 1 “main banner” (360×320)
• 1 banner available (728×90)


Looking to build your audience and prolong communication beyond a single dedicated send? Our lead generation product prompts brides to “opt-in” to receive more communication directly from your brand at the time they register with our site. This product delivers an interested and valuable customer  that you can add to your own email marketing database.


With more designs than any other site in the market, brides continuously choose mywedding’s wedding websites for all of their wedding planning, communication and guest management needs. The Design Chooser Sponsorship positions your brand at the forefront of this experience at the very beginning of her wedding planning process.


Sweepstakes and contests are some of the most enjoyable and dynamic ways to introduce our couples to your brand.

• Custom landing page for your business
• Targeted emails
• Sponsored blog posts
• Banner ads
• Social media integration


Our couples see, share and chat: Couples are already actively involved with social media and eager to share details about their wedding planning. By remaining active in these mediums we are building relationships with our couples and learning vital information about what content they love and demand.
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